Vice President of EMEA


Ronnie Bains is the Vice President of EMEA with Seeq Corporation, a leading provider of Enterprise Analytics software to the process industries. With a distinguished career in the energy & pharmaceutical industries, he brings more than 2 decades of expertise and strategic leadership to drive Seeq’s success across the region. Prior to joining Seeq, he was with Emerson and responsible for the Digital Twin business in EMEA. Ronnie holds an Executive MBA from Geneva Business School and a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University and is based in the UK.

Rémi Goget

Principal Technical Consultant


MSc in Chemical Engineering and MSc in Innovation Leadership. My most relevant working experience is Project and Licensing Manager for speciality chemical companies where I was in charge of the contracting, engineering, construction and commissioning of chemical plants. I also have experience as a Sales Manager in the Food & Beverage and Energy Sector.

Jesper Toubøl

Vice President Operations - Moulding Production


Jesper is the head of one of LEGO moulding sites and qualification factories which include both advanced mass manufacturing and maturing of new emerging technologies. Jesper has furthermore delivered organizational footprint and technology strategies within Product Design and Equipment ( Manufacturing – establishing Engineering centers in LEGO manufacturing sites in Singapore, Mexico and Denmark.. During his work Jesper has profound focus on how IoT can support his visions and enable the future – a true IOT-technology evangelist. Jesper has worked for LEGO in several roles. 1) Responsibility for R&D in Packaging and Processing (Decorations and Assembly) product line. 2) Responsibilities for product development execution for LEGO DUPLO , LEGO Games , LEGO Technic , LEGO Hero Factory – leading development teams through design, sourcing and marketing process from concept to finished product. 3) establishing logistics strategy, delivered turn around results in increasing differentiated services and reducing costs by e.g. outsourcing, consolidating sites and redefining logistic service offering.

Engineering Director


Marcin is an accomplished professional serving as the Director of Engineering at Reckitt’s largest factory. He holds a Master’s degree in Automation and Robotics from  Warsaw University of Technology at Industrial Engineering faculty, complemented by a Canadian Executive Master’s in Business Management (CEMBA) acquired from Quebec de Montreal and Warsaw School of Economics.
With extensive practical knowledge in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, Marcin has spearheaded numerous high-impact projects, ranging from top-paced New Product Developments (NPDs) to the efficient management of high-speed, high-volume manufacturing technologies including Aerosols, Powders, Liquids, Tabletting, Thermoforming, Extrusion, and Blow Moulding. His holistic understanding of the manufacturing process ensures a seamless integration of diverse elements, resulting in optimal operational outcomes.

Marcin’s commitment to operational excellence extends beyond manufacturing. He has successfully led the implementation of ISO50001 certification and energy reduction programs, contributing to sustainability and environmental responsibility within the organization. Additionally, he has a proven track record of managing large capital projects, with a strong emphasis on digital aspects, such as human error reduction and process vulnerability, always prioritizing a sound return on investment.

Marcin is a forward-thinking leader who recognizes the significance of digital transformation in manufacturing. He believes in harnessing the power of technology to benefit both employees and employers, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. His expertise in driving digital transformation initiatives has positively impacted operations and the workforce, ensuring that Reckitt remains at the forefront of the industry.

With a unique blend of technical acumen, strategic vision, and a passion for excellence, Marcin continues to make valuable contributions to Reckitt’s success, setting the standard for excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

Digital Lead


Mikkel S. Olesen is a Digital Intreapreneur leading special projects in Grundfos. He focusses on future trends and requirements, while he aims to build sustainable solutions for the world of tomorrow. With digital as the backbone of his endeavors, he aspires change through leading transformational projects. In his earlier works he has held titles such as a Founder, Investor and CMO.  

Director of Group Environment CoE


Jesper Ambrosius works with environmental sustainability and leads Grundfos’ Environmental Center of Excellence team. He focuses on climate, water and not least circular business where he drives the company strategy and future direction. He comes with a background in strategy and leadership from the The LEGO Group and the telco industry and is an economist by education.



With over 15 years as Chief Executive Officer in manufacturing
and software companies across Germany, USA, and Asia, Oliver brings a wealth of
expertise in driving growth and innovation. Combining 20 years of software
engineering and business management experience, he has played a pivotal role in
the success of numerous high-tech companies and software startups, forging
strategic partnerships and delivering impactful customer solutions. Oliver is also a University Lecturer for “Digitization in Production”.

Dr. Kalle Ylä-Jarkko

Senior Data Scientist

Elisa Industriq

Kalle Ylä-Jarkko works as a Senior Data Scientist in Elisa IndustrIQ since 2021 developing AI / ML models for complex operational systems in smart manufacturing environments such as semiconductor and battery manufacturing. Before joining Elisa IndustrIQ he has been working in several laser industry start-ups as a co-founder and technology developer in different engineering and product development positions. He holds M.Sc. And Ph. D. degrees in Engineering Physics and Optoelectronics from the Aalto University, Finland. He is an inventor and co-author of 6 patents and over 30 papers in the field of laser technology, laser machining and machine-learning and AI applications.


Director Strategic Business Development

Elisa Industriq

Reiner Pes is Director Strategic Business Development, at Elisa IndustrIQ. Reiner is a senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in international sales and business development leadership. His diverse experience spans many areas of IT network hardware and software, augmented and virtual reality, AI-supported manufacturing optimization solutions as well as cloud-based digital software services.

For several manufacturers from overseas he started the businesses from scratch in his regions and set up international distribution networks in Europe and beyond. Further he worked 13 years for system integrators, where he built pan-European IT infrastructure solutions for telecommunications carrier and large enterprises. During his career, at three different companies, he was given full power of attorney and had the commercial responsibility for his business units. Reiner holds a B.Sc. in computer science (process automation & control) from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Krzysztof Kaminski

Regional Continuous Improvement Manager

Krzysztof has gathered his extensive experience in manufacturing across various operational areas such as technology, maintenance, engineering and continuous improvement. He was responsible for implementing automation at one of Reckitt’s factories in Hungary, where he served as the factory’s technical head. His role included the successful implementation of a fully automated high-speed production lines and other innovative solutions.

Currently, Krzysztof holds the position of Regional Continuous Improvement Manager, overseeing seven factories across Europe. He focuses on implementing standardization program and supporting the rollout of MES system. His work significantly enhances the efficiency and competitiveness of these manufacturing facilities.

Krzysztof is a recognized expert in manufacturing and Lean principles, making him a valuable authority in this field. His extensive experience and achievements are great source of information and inspiration for others in the industry.

Ewa Kosmowska

IS Site Manager

Ewa is an accomplished IT&D Manager with a strong background in leveraging technology to drive digital transformation in the context of Industry 4.0. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has played a crucial role in aligning IT strategies with digital principles to enhance operational efficiency and innovation.

As a IT&D Manager at Reckitt, Ewa leads a dedicated Team responsible for the planning and implementation of new solutions that underpin Industry 4.0 initiatives.

She has lead successful project such as Manufacturing Execution System implementation in Reckitt’s factory, that have significantly contributed to the company’s digital maturity.

Ewa is excited to join the discussion and networking opportunities at The Industrial IoT Strategies Summit in Lisbon, where looks forward to engaging with like-minded professional, learning from their experiences, and contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas that defines the essence of this event.

Simon Levinson

Global Digital Manufacturing Innovation Lead

Simon graduated with a MSc in Analytical Economics from University of Latvia

He has experience in several FMCG in Finance, Supply Chain, IT, Digital across
Europe with focus on Data analytics and Performance.

José Gastey

Managing Director, Global Manufacturing, BT. Country Manager Spain & Portugal


José is the Managing Director of the team that helps the largest global manufacturing companies on their digital transformation journey and is also responsible for BT’s business in Spain and Portugal.

José thrives on partnering with clients and building a motivated team focused on delivery excellence for BT’s customers.He attended Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and studied Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Josés team work with largest manufacturing, industrial, transport, logistics, life sciences companies in the world to accelerate, scale and secure Industry 4.0. And in a way that will make them more sustainable, with a responsible use of technology and creating diversity and inclusion.

Natalia Chadwick

Industrial IoT Solutions Specialist EMEAR

As the IIoT Channel Sales Lead for the UK and Ireland at Cisco, Natalia plays a pivotal role in guiding customers and partners through their digital transformation and Industry 4.0 endeavors. With a career that commenced in Australia and spans over a decade, Natalia brings a wealth of experience navigating diverse cultures and challenges across EMEAR and globally. Her passion lies in propelling solution-driven business transformations, ensuring that technology aligns seamlessly with strategic objectives.

Natalia’s expertise is tailored to deliver exceptional value to manufacturing customers across Europe, leveraging her profound understanding of the intricacies of the industry. Currently based in London, UK, Natalia combines her professional acumen with a passion for adventure and the outdoors, embodying a holistic approach to both work and life.

David O’Hara

Director, Industrial IoT EMEAR

As the Director of IIoT RTM at Cisco, David O’Hara leads a dynamic team of IoT experts across EMEAR. His primary focus is on identifying, validating, and launching innovative IoT-centric solutions for the enterprise market. Dedicated to empowering enterprises and customers in this space, David ensures seamless integration and optimal utilization of cutting-edge IoT solutions.

Having joined Cisco through the 2015 acquisition of Jasper, he brings over two decades of experience in global Industry 4.0 and connectivity leadership. David consults with IT, OT, and LOB to design, implement, and run IoT solutions safely, flexibly, and economically.

Currently residing in Alicante with his family, David holds an MBA in Marketing and Innovation.

Brian Lappin

Head of Product Management, BT


Brian has a wide range of knowledge developing and managing network services for the business market, based on over 20 years of experience.

This includes developing and running MPLS products and services on a global basis, rolling out the first European network service provider interconnects with Azure and supporting BT’s customers connectivity requirements as part of their Industry 4.0 projects

Magnus Nyden

Head of Innovation

Magnus Nydén is Executive Director of Innovation in Pharmaceutical Technology & Development, Operations, at AstraZeneca. He leads a team of scientists driven by science-, technology- and collaboration excellence and he works across a suite of scientific tools, from Newtonian physics through to AI.

The team focus on innovations in the areas of process science, manufacturing technology, analytical science, material science, sensors and devices technologies, lean applications as well as modelling and simulation, including AI and generative AI technologies.

Magnus has a PhD in physical chemistry from Lund University. After his PhD he focused on an academic career and became professor (with chair) in 2009 and has experience from university positions in Sweden, Australia and the UK before he took on the Global Chief Scientist role with AkzoNobel in the Netherlands. After that he became the CTO and Public Policy Director at Liquid Wind AB in Sweden. His next job was as Executive Dean of Science & Engineering at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. After that he moved to his current role in AstraZeneca.

Paulo Gaspar

Vice President

As the Vice-President of a leading agri-food business in Portugal and Spain, and the Vice-President of Portugal’s foremost media & TV group, I blend strategic leadership with a passion for technology. Founder of Casper Ventures, an investment firm that invests in innovative startups and has a wide portfolio in advertising, digital communication, and commercial real estate. My journey is driven by a passion for technological advancements, continually seeking ways to innovate and influence the agri-food and media sectors with cutting-edge solutions.

Head of Engineering, Connected Electronics Platform and Global Software

Fabio Albanese received his MSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bologna in 2005, defending his thesis in cooperation with Arm and under the supervision of Prof. Metra. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IE Business School, Madrid

He is currently the Group Head of Software/Firmware Engineering and Global Director of the Group Technology Organization in Electrolux

After graduation, Mr. Albanese started a consultant career as an electronic and software designer for embedded systems and for the industrial automation industry. Before moving to Electrolux in 2021, he’s worked for the multinational group Datalogic, a leader in IoT and Vision systems, for 15+ years taking on roles of increasing responsibility and seniority. He lived in the US and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for 5 years where he founded and developed from scratch the first and now the largest offshore design center for Datalogic. During his tenure in Vietnam, he spent 4 years as the Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

He’s a Scrum Master, a Member of the IEEE and of the Computer Society and the holder of several international patents.

Gustavo Cabral

Global Digital Lead for Operations


Dr. Gustavo Cabral is currently the Global Digital Lead for Operations at ofi, a world leader in natural food & beverage ingredients and solutions. 

With more than 15 years of experience in supply chain, operations and production technology, Gustavo has been part of the technological and cultural transformation of several global key players in different industries throughout his career. His focus is on Industry 4.0 applications, an area in which he holds a PhD from the RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

I have 7 years of experience in leading teams, predictive/preventive maintenance/inspection culture development, optimizing and empowering people, processes and technology based on agile / LEAN with My motto: Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast!

Moreover, as Honoured Keynote-speaker, and trainer at different Professional Conferences, I have shared my views, and experiences Worldwide.

Global Head of Hardware Engineering at Electrolux

Giuliano Lovisotto took his MSc degree on Electronic Engineering at University of Padova in 2003 after an internship in Electrolux on Switching Mode Power Supply with high efficiency in Stand-by mode. He started his working experience in Electrolux Home appliance as Hardware Engineer and then Hardware coordinator in a Global Electronic Development Team. 

In 2011 he decided to face new challenges moving to a Silicon Valley Company leader on Power Supply IC “Power integrations Inc” based in San Jose – California. 

In Power Integration Inc. he worked in the European Sales Team based in Milan – Italy as Engineering Manager supporting top European customers on hardware development. 

In 2019 he joined Electrolux as Group Head of Hardware Engineering and Global Director of Digital Technology Organization; he is currently covering this role leading the Global Electronic Hardware Development

Csaba Feher

Maintenance development manager​


25+ years of Maintenance management experience in FMCG, oil and gas/petrochemical industry including manufacturing, Operations, Logistics, TPM, preventive/predictive maintenance, reliability, engineering, project management and focused finance, procurement, coaching

I have 7 years of experience in leading teams, predictive/preventive maintenance/inspection culture development, optimizing and empowering people, processes and technology based on agile / LEAN with My motto: Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast!

Moreover, as Honoured Keynote-speaker, and trainer at different Professional Conferences, I have shared my views, and experiences Worldwide.

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