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The Leaders Magazine directs a leader through choppy seas and helms toward the future. We are direct and personal explaining to you why you need to concentrate on more than financial and business strategies, watching personnel, crafting core values statements, or issuing mandates for employees at every level. The Leaders Magazine is taking a step towards exploring how corporate leadership needs to inspire managers, directors, and employees with a growth mentality in today’s tumultuous time, how it sets goals integral to the corporate culture that fosters innovation and avoids stagnancy and self-satisfaction.

The Institute for Digital Transformation provides digital leaders, enterprises, and service providers with the resources to elevate their Digital Transformation effort.

The buzz and hype created around Digital Transformation has resulted in confusion and ubiquity that has rendered the term nearly meaningless. Transformation extends far beyond the technology stack and must include the organization’s culture, its operating processes, and virtually every facet of how it functions.

Guided by the real-world experience of our Institute Fellows and our proprietary industry research, we produce a wide range of insightful leading-edge methodology, tools, content, and news summaries needed for a transformational journey.

The Institute is your first stop for the insights, tools, and guidance needed to lead your organization past the hype into a Digital Enterprise.

U.Today is a global media organisation dedicated to helping you understand the new generation tech and the future it brings to society. Our mission is to serve the emerging community of enthusiasts, professionals and newcomers who explore, use and develop the tech by heeding the core journalistic values of clear thinking, accuracy and independence. We seek to inform, educate, collaborate and support better practices for the benefit of all.



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