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The security needs of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) environments are changing as these environments are rapidly being connected to enterprise networks and exposed to Internet threats. Armis is a security solution that secures connected devices spread across both industrial and IT environments.

Effective industrial cybersecurity starts with knowing what needs to be secured. Our platform arms you with this knowledge by revealing and contextualizing 100% of your network’s contents—including its invisible or poorly understood contents. The result is a centralized, easy-to-manage, and always up-to-date inventory of all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, processes, and connectivity paths in your network, as well as definitive insight into what normal looks like.

We create software for oil and gas, power and utilities, renewable energy, manufacturing and other asset-heavy industries. Our products turn industrial data into customer value by liberating it, contextualizing it, and making it actionable for users.

Our team united to take the industrial world by storm with technology, from robotics to 3D to advanced cloud computing. Working closely with our customers, we empowered industrial users with insightful access to contextualized data for the first time. Over and over we created customer value. 

Edzcom, a Cellnex company, is a pioneer and European market leader in Edge Connectivity, solely dedicated to designing, building and operating private 4G and 5G networks.

As more and more companies and industries choose private networks to seize digitalisation opportunities, Edzcom’s Edge Connectivity solutions offer high-performance wireless connectivity for enterprise resource planning, automation, robotics and real-time remote monitoring. Edge Connectivity helps industries unlock productivity and growth, offering continuity and security for business-critical operations.

Industry leaders are looking to Emerson as a trusted partner that continuously innovates to help them meet the next big challenge. Our Automation Solutions platform enables us to collaborate across our automation businesses to develop more complete solutions for customers based upon our deep industry experience, and further leverage our global presence, domain expertise and industrial software to help industries achieve key sustainability and operational goals.

Today’s digital plant and its mobile, connected workforce accelerate and sustain continuous improvement to drive greater productivity and efficiency, the lower total cost of ownership, and increase profitability.

GE Digital’s mission-critical software accelerates digitization by supporting:

  • Digital worker – a critical part of your infrastructure modernization
  • Enterprise visibility and scalability
  • Continuous improvement programs such as Lean

Unlocking innovation

We shouldn’t need to choose between security and velocity.  We need both.  NetFoundry provides programmable, multi-cloud native, zero-trust networking.   

NetFoundry is the originator and maintainer of OpenZiti, the world’s most used open source zero trust networking platform, which enables developers to embed zero trust networking inside apps, proxies, browsers, APIs, IoT and everything in between.   

NetFoundry Inc. is a Delaware C Corp, formed in 2019.  NetFoundry is a distributed company, with its largest pods in NC and NY and fantastic NFians, innovating at the edges, around the globe.  Join us in reinventing networking!

Secure the future of your manufacturing networks while improving your operational resilience.

Cyber threats against industrial manufacturing are escalating as more and more connected systems create larger attack surfaces.

As the leading provider of OT, IoT and IT visibility and security solutions for industrial manufacturers, Nozomi Networks can help protect your vulnerable manufacturing environment. 

Our deep OT expertise and extensive protocol support provides more asset coverage than any other cybersecurity solution provider. And our highly accurate detection of cyber threats, risks and anomalies improves operational resilience, no matter the age of the facility or scale of the challenge.

Onomondo is a global cellular operator for IoT. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Onomondo is available in more than 180 countries with full integration to over 700 local operators. Onomondo empowers users through its innovative connectivity software, such as real-time monitoring and debugging, cloud connectors, APIs, webhooks, and an easy-to-use management platform. The entire Onomondo team is committed to changing the IoT connectivity landscape for the better.

Big data that drives ROI for frontline operations.

Parsable is the actionable frontline insights platform, leveraged by the world’s leading manufacturers to track, trend, and optimize millions of operational activities across 800+ facilities globally.

Robustel are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market. Robustel’s portfolio of award-winning solutions are comprised of Wireless Modems, Routers, Gateways, EDGE Computing, Cloud Software, and End-to-End IoT solutions.

As a supplier of wireless IoT hardware Robustel works with over 50 distribution partners servicing more than 120 countries and maintains a dedicated local presence in Germany, Australia, Japan, UK, US, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

As an end-to-end solution provider, Robustel has long-standing relationships with global enterprises and mobile network operators looking to find a competitive edge in the high growth IoT market.

With a state of the art production facility in Guangzhou, high-quality products and services make up Robustel’s corporate DNA. Maintaining an ISO9001:2015 Quality Management system and a sophisticated approach to quality control, planning, assurance and improvement has seen Robustel granted with numerous global certifications, including: CE, E-Mark, FCC, PTCRB, AT&T, Verizon, Anatel, IC, Rogers, GCF, TRA, RCM, iDA, NBTC, Postel, Sirim, CCC and Telec.

Today Robustel’s solutions can be found in every corner of the ‘Connected World’ providing IoT solutions to industries as varied as Security, Vending, Retail, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industrial Production & Automation, Transportation, Environmental Services, and Healthcare.

Robustel is committed to helping businesses and industries across the world continue to solve their IoT & M2M problems with robust, secure, scalable and creative solutions from hardware to complete ‘IoT in a box’ services. We are Robustel, and our goal is to Make Things Connected.

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